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Lost in Translation No More: Learn English Online

english universal language

Using English as a second language can be trace back to the 15th century. The implementation of bilingual programs were commenced in order to strengthen the bond with other countries and more importantly, to open economic relationships with other nations.

Learning English opens up more possibilities and opportunities for everyone in any field of careers and professions. In several countries, teaching and learning English turn out to be widely popular nowadays especially with the increasing demand of an english tutor or teachers who can effectively teach it. Generally, they are needed to guide and help the students to keep up with material presented in class and to stimulate the minds of the gifted students.

English ranks third most spoken language

Basically, an english tutor is always in demand because English is used as a universal language to high-level professions, sciences, and businesses. Mandarin Chinese ranks the first most spoken languages in the world, followed by Spanish and English. English may not be the most spoken language, but in several countries, it is used as their official language. In Asia, with the population for about 4.3 billion, it has the biggest demand of English tutoring. Fortunately, according to statistics, Asia has approximately 800 million English speakers.

Learning English online

Due to the advancement of technology, one can already teach English with just a click of a button and learning has now progresses greatly. Meaning, one can already teach English using different online platforms offering such services; and one can learn English at any location. If anyone can spare their time on teaching English, they can put their skills into it for good use. While earning a good compensation, they can also help someone improve his or her English proficiency.

As an example, 51 Talk, a premier online English school in the Philippines who specializes in providing quality English online training to the students.  It uses effective approach to learning by maintaining its high standards and top quality services. Their first mission is to provide first class English education. They also aim to inspire their team by offering full spectrum of learning and earning opportunities.